AS ONE DOOR closes, ANOTHER ONE opens...

Charmed may have finished it's eight year run this year, but does this have to mean the end? Not if I have anything to say about it, so I've planned a Charmed spin-off! This project will be known as "Charmed: A New Beginning" ("ANB" for short) and will focus around a male as the main character. There will be thirteen episodes in a series - series one's status is currently in pre-production, which involves coming up with stories for each episode and sorting out the scripts etc...

SYNOPSIS: A young male witch, magically linked to the Power of Three, inherits "Charmed" powers to fight evil and protect innocents. Series one: After learning he is a very special witch, Demons who killed his parents attempt to have him assassinated to prevent him from becoming too powerful. As the series continues, he will face many foes - such as: Witch Hunters, Phantasms, Clowns and the mysterious force lurking in the shadows.

The Pilot episode will be entitled "A New Beginning" followed by titles such as "Charmed Reloaded" and "Bitch Trials". There will be a new Whitelighter to aid Eric in his fight against evil, his name is Alex - other than that, more main characters are still to be decided.

More news will be posted on the "News" page as soon as it is decided...

Craig W. Brown
Creator of "Charmed: A New Beginning"

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